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At the core of EasyScore: An easy and simple interface

Scoresheet interface

With EasyScore's intuitive interface, you're find yourself right at home on the screen. Actions are recorded by clicking on the corresponding base in the active field, or in the center area to record an out. From there, a context menu will appear, asking you to indicate the action.
Every action is saved instantly, so that you can reload the page in your browser without losing your data.

Customize your experience

Settings screen

You can customize your scoring experience by changing different settings like scoring system, recording balls and strikes or indicating hit locations, and more.

Follow games from everywhere

Live Gamecast screen

EasyScore lets you post your games online as they happen, enabling everybody around the world to follow the game you score online in realtime.

Use scoreboard overlays for your streams

Scoreboard overlays

If you stream your games live and use a software encoder like OBS, you can now set a scoreboard overlay to your stream. Just call www.easyscore.com/live/overlay?GameID=xxx&theme=yyy, replacing xxx with your game id and yyy with one out of 9 different designs.
Check out https://www.easyscore.com/members/broadcast/ for more overlays for lineups, current batters and pitchers and more. Scoreboard overlays

Flexible Scoreboard: Overlays without scoring a game

Flexible Scoreboards

You can use ovelays not only when you score a game, but by using our Flexible Scoreboard feature. This lets you display an overlay which data is controlled manually.
Check out https://www.easyscore.com/members/ broadcast/admin to create your own Flexible Scoreboard.

Connect your scoreboard to EasyScore

Daktronics setup

EasyScore can now be used to directly send data to your physical on-field scoreboard, eliminating the need to manually update it via the scoreboard's console.

Send customizable updates to Twitter

Twitter updates

Keep your followers updated with regular tweets during the game. Customize your tweets to be sent after every play, every half-inning or only after the game has finished.

Scoreboards for any sport

Scoresheet interface

We are offering scoreboard overlays for mutliple sports. These can be used for overlaying your live streams with a score bug. The numbers are handled with a special interface without the need to actually score the game.
Every aspect from background color, team names and logos, main event logo or number of elements can be customized.

If you are logged in, visit www.easyscore.com/members/broadcast/admin/ and start creating your own scoreboard.

Supported sports (as of March 2024, more to come...)









Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Get Advanced Metrics

Advanced Metrics for Hitters

Record every play on the field and have it displayed as a hit chart by activating "Advanced Metrics" (Pro accounts only). You can even narrow down the chart to just display a single players.

Tons of stats


EasyScore provides fans, coaches and media with plenty of stats to digest. Statistics can be split up into categories for leaders, or as sortable and filterable data tables.
You can also export all your stats into any format you like, and you can even customize which statistical categories you want to include in your export. And this for season totals, for game totals or just a single player.

The following stats can be viewed from within EasyScore
Batting Pitching Fielding
  • G: Games Played
  • AB: At Bats
  • PA: Plate Appearances
  • R: Runs
  • H: Hits
  • 2B: Doubles
  • 3B: Triples
  • HR: Home Runs
  • TB: Total Bases
  • XBH: Extra-base Hits
  • RBI: Runs Batted In
  • SB: Stolen Bases
  • SB%: Stolen Base Percentage *
  • CS: Caught Stealings
  • BB: Walks
  • PA/BB: Plate Appearances per Walks
  • SO: Strike Outs
  • BB/SO: Walks per Strikeout
  • SO/AB: Strikeouts per Plate Appearances
  • HBP: Hit by Pitch
  • IBB: Intentional Walks
  • GIDP: Times Grounded Into Double Play
  • S: Sacrifice Hits
  • SF: Sacrifice Flies
  • CI: Reached on Catcher's Interference
  • BA: Batting Average *
  • BA w/ RISP: Batting Average with Runners in Scoring Position *
  • BABIP: Batting Average on Balls in Play *
  • OBP: On-Base Percentage *
  • SLG: Slugging Percentage *
  • OPS: On-Base plus Slugging Percentage *
  • % Run Scored: Percentage of Times Scored when on Base
  • On-Base Percentage leading off: On-Base Percentage leading off an inning *
  • Scoring % when reached as leadoff: Percentage of scoring a run when reaching as the lead off batter *
  • TTO: Three True Outcomes
  • GSc: Game Scores Total

all stats filterable by opposing pitcher's handedness, home/away, month, as pinch hitter, lineup spot, inning, opposing pitcher, pitch count, opponent

* Possibility to set individual minimum requirements to qualify for the leaderboard
  • G: Games Pitched
  • GS: Games Started
  • GF: Games Finished
  • CG: Complete Games
  • BF: Batters Faced
  • BF/IP: Batters Faced per Inning
  • IP: Innings pitched
  • H: Hits Allowed
  • 2B: Doubles Allowed
  • 3B: Triples Allowed
  • HR: Home Runs Allowed
  • TB: Total Bases Allowed
  • R: Runs Allowed
  • ER: Earned Runs Allowed
  • ER/R: Earned Run per Run Percentage
  • BB: Walks Allowed
  • BB/IP: Walks per Inning Allowed
  • WHIP: Baserunners per Inning Allowed *
  • SBA: Stolen Bases Allowed *
  • CSA: Runners Caught Stealing
  • SBAP: Opponents Stolen Base Percentage *
  • PIK: Runners Picked Off
  • K: Strikeouts
  • K/IP: Strikeouts per Inning
  • K/BB: Strikeouts to Walk Ratio
  • %KOuts: Number of Outs via Strikeout *
  • WP: Wild Pitches
  • BK: Balks
  • HBP: Hit Batsmen
  • W: Wins
  • L: Losses
  • W/L Pct.: Win/Loss Percentage *
  • SV: Saves
  • BlSv: Blown Saves
  • SVO: Save Opportunities
  • SVPct: Save Percentage
  • Hold: Holds
  • QS: Quality Starts
  • CW: Cheap Wins
  • TL: Tough Losses
  • ERA: Earned Run Average (based on customizable number of innings) *
  • GO: Ground Outs *
  • AO: Air Outs/Fly Outs *
  • GO/AO: Ground Out/Fly Out Ratio *
  • OBA: Opponents Batting Average *
  • OSLG: Opponents Slugging Percentage *
  • OOBP: Opponents On-Base Percentage *
  • OOPS: Opponents On-Base plus Slugging Percentage *
  • FIP: Fielding Independent Pitching *
  • OBABIP: Opponents Batting Average on Balls in Play *
  • Opponents Batting Average Times Through Lineup: Opponents Batting Average 1st, 2nd and 3rd time through the order *
  • % of Leadoff Batters Retired: Percentage of all leadoff batters retired *
  • % of Batters Faced Scored: Percentage of all batters faced that scored *
  • % of Baserunners Scored: Percentage of all baserunners that scored *
  • % of 1-2-3 Innings: Percentage of 1-2-3 innings of all completed innings
  • GSc: Game Score Totals

all stats filterable by home/away, month, opponent

* Possibility to set individual minimum requirements to qualify for the leaderboard
  • G: Games Played
  • C: Total Chances
  • PO: Putouts
  • A: Assists
  • OA: Outfield Assists
  • E: Errors
  • Inn: Innings
  • DP: Double Plays
  • FPct: Fielding Percentage *
  • Range: Range Factor *
  • PB: Passed Balls
  • CI: Catcher's Interference
  • CS/Att: Runners Caught Stealing
  • CSAvg: Caught Stealing Average *

all stats filterable by home/away, month, opponent, and calculated overall and by position

* Possibility to set individual minimum requirements to qualify for the leaderboard

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If you're stuck, EasyScore offers plenty of context help, and also offers video tutorials of all aspects of scoring a game.

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  • EasyScore is the easiest tool for scoring baseball games. You can setup your league in minutes and are ready to go just like that.
    Chris Palatinus, Challengers Baseball Club Zurich

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